How to practise effectively – Piano teacher in Wallsend and Lake Macquarie, NSW

A couple of weeks ago a young student said to me, “I got the notes right once, so I wasn’t game to try it again through the week – I didn’t want to risk it.” While I understood his logic, this is not a practise method that results in improvement. As you would suspect, he struggled to play the piece again.

Because music is an art form and is appreciated audibly and emotionally, it can be easy to forget that a good performance is rooted in physical skill. As such, that skill needs to be developed and maintained, just the same as any other physical skill. It’s not just about knowing what keys to strike on the keyboard. People who learn dancing or play a sport do the same steps or practise the same drills over and over and over. In the same way, developing the dexterity and techniques required to beautifully play an instrument requires consistent effort.

Repetition… repetition… repetition!

Over the coming months I will share with you different thoughts and techniques to make practise more effective (as well as tips for parents to get the kids to practise in the first place). In the meantime, the most important overall concept to remember is:

A practise session is not effective if, by the end of the session, there has been no improvement from the beginning of the session. Just stumbling through the piece/s or scales once is not going to do the job. Go over and over the piece – or sections within the piece – until you are more comfortable with it than you were when you started. You’ll be happier with your progress and will know that the practise session has been worthwhile.

Repetition… repetition… repetition!

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