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It is easy to underestimate the physical demands placed on our bodies when playing music. To prevent common injuries, we need to develop endurance, control and overall flexibility. Instrumentalists use their arm, hand and finger muscles extensively while performing and practising, making them vulnerable to a range of injuries.

Our bodies were designed to move, not hold static positions for a length of time as we do when playing an instrument. Added to this, musicians have the general problem of often spending these lengthy periods in far-from-natural positions.

Good posture is important whenever possible, so the body experiences correct alignment, therefore placing minimum stress on the body. Because the inevitable reality for musicians is a less-than-ideal posture that can lead to imbalances in flexibility and strength, it is imperative to keep our bodies flexible.

We can prevent injuries, relieve tension and ease arm and hand pain by integrating stretching exercises into our routine.

The following helpful article lists ten essential stretches for musicians. We warm up our instruments, so we should warm up our bodies as well.

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10 Essential Stretches for Musicians



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Piano lessons Wallsend NSW