How to Practise When You’re Not Really Practising – Piano Teacher in Wallsend, NSW

piano teacher wallsend nswSometimes we just need to mix things up a bit. Practise can become mundane and boring and concentration wanes. I wrote two weeks ago about playing versus practising. If a student becomes too bored with practising, there is a real danger their practising can turn into aimless playing, which won’t be as effective in moving them forward. We want them to enjoy being at the piano and sometimes this means adding in a bit of extra fun so practise time doesn’t turn into a frustration-filled battleground.

The following are some examples of ways you can get your kids a little more excited about practising:

  • Choose one of the pieces on which they are currently working. Select either the bass clef or the treble clef and have them hop the entire rhythm while balancing on their left foot.
  • Have them create a radio commercial for their favourite piece. Think of three things that make this piece totally awesome (selling points). When they play the piece, they can exaggerate these features that make it so great.
  • Play their piece as though they are a ghost… silently! Press down the keys, but not enough to make any sound.
  • Pick one note and then avoid that note every time it occurs in the piece.
  • Pretend their piano has gone missing and play their pieces on a tabletop. Still use correct rhythm and fingering and see if they can hear any mistakes in their mind as they are playing.

piano teacher wallsend nsw

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